Aquarius Flame Wireless Speaker


Aquarius Flame Bluetooth Speaker

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Warm orange fire light that is sound activated and flickers to the music beat.

Can be paired with a secondary flame wireless speaker, creating a true wireless sound experience.

Can be used as a standalone outdoor garden light, creating a warm tone to your evening.

Water resistant (IP64) making it suitable for outdoors, allowing light rain without causing damage to the speaker.

Soft rubberised finish.

Warm flame light effect using 60 LED bulbs.

Bluetooth wireless speaker is compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones and any other Bluetooth device.

Easy connectivity – easy to pair with your device.

Powerful speaker with a built in amplifier delivering crystal clear sound.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to move this feature speaker around your home, creating a holistic setting amongst your home.

Accessories included: USB charging cables

For indoor and outdoor use.