KSIX Ring RGB LED Small Tripod

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KSIX Light Ring RGB Table Top Tripod

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Studio Live Colors kit includes everything you need to set up a video studio and record the best videos with a Smartphone. By including 15 RGB colors, you can create videos with incredible filters.

Colorful videos:
– KSIX Studio Live Colors allows its user to create color filters that will result in incredible effects on any recording. It includes up to 15 different RGB tonalities! Users can change the color of their face or hair or create a disco effect thanks to its wide range of colors.

3 light temperatures:
– The LED ring has 3 possible light temperatures that can be adjusted using the built-in control.

9 light intensities:
– The built-in control allows you to choose from 9 possible light intensities, to always achieve the right lighting.

Easy to assemble and use:
– Although its results are really professional, Studio Live Colors is a simple tool, both when setting it up and using it. You just have to fit the ball joint in the ring and place the Smartphone in the holder. In addition, its control allows you to quickly and easily change color, temperature and intensity, achieving incredible effects in a few seconds.


– Multiple brightness settings
– 15 RGB colors
– Several warm and cold light options
– Luminous flux: 1000 lm
– Lightweight and portable
– Power: 12 W
– light intensities
– Internal diameter: 150 mm / 6 inches
– External diameter: 200 mm / 8 inches
– USB input: 3.7V-5V