Nedis 10KW Walkie Talkie

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Stay connected with this compact and lightweight Nedis® walkie-talkie. It comes with a charging base to easily charge the included batteries whenever needed. Even in remote places which don’t always have a strong mobile network, this walkie-talkie has a reliable 10-kilometre communication range in open field areas. Super convenient if you go hiking, camping or for any thinkable indoor and outdoor adventure.
With 8 channels and 38 CTCSS codes (subchannels) each, it’s not very likely someone else is tuned to the same channel, which prevents interference and guarantees your conversations to stay private.
The walkie-talkie incorporates Voice Activated Transmit (VOX) – as soon as you start talking, the walkie-talkie switches on automatically; perfect for hands-free use. Equipped with a built-in LED light in case you need additional illumination.

Product Information:
Nedis walkie-talkie 10km

8 channels with 38 sub channels

Each prevent interference

From other 2-way radios

Communication range of up to

Lithium-ion rechargeable

Battery included

Charging base included

446 mhz technology for a

Reliable wireless connection

Vox function for hands-free

Led light provides clear


6 hours continuous talk time

With 48 hours standby time

Automatic channel scan

Signal type uhf

2.5mm port

Colour black walkie-talkies walkietalkies