Sinox Satellite F to Antenna Cable – 2.0m


Coaxial Aerial F Connector Male Plug to RF M-Male Cable for Satellite Sat Freesat Sky Virgin BT TV HDTV DVB DVD Radio/Coax Ariel Freeview Lead Television Antenna Cord Broadband – 2 m White


MULTY USAGE – An F connector (F-type) is a coaxial RF connector attached to an RG59 lead and transfers an electrical signal for terrestrial, satellite SAT television, HDTV, Radio, DVD, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S, CCTV, TV receiver box, antennas and modems. The connector uses a threaded outer to provide reliable contacts and it provides good 75Ω match for signals extending well above 1 GHz. Although F connectors are not weatherproof, they can be enhanced with an O-Ring providing some weatherproofing

BROADBAND SYSTEM & GREATER CHANNEL CAPACITY – This Coax has a sufficient frequency range to support multiple channels, which allows for much greater throughput. Each of the multiple channels offers substantial capacity. The capacity depends on where you are in the world. You can provision high-speed Internet access-that’s how cable modems operate. Our cable materials are evaluated by their electrical, mechanical properties and they weigh heavily in terms of connector performance and reliability

GREATER BANDWIDTH – Keple Cable provides greater bandwidth systemwide, and it also offers greater bandwidth for each channel. Because it has greater bandwidth per channel, it supports a mixed range of services. Voice, data, and even video and multimedia can benefit from the enhanced capacity. Usually used for connecting to a Eurovox or other device with an RF connection. Can also be used to convert an RF push in type socket connection into a F type Plug

LOWER ERROR RATES – The inner conductor of our cable is in a Faraday shield, noise immunity is improved, and coax has lower error rates, therefore slightly better performance than twisted-pair. The error rate is generally 10-9 (i.e., 1 in 1 billion) bps. Greater spacing between amplifiers – coax’s cable shielding reduces noise and crosstalk, which means amplifiers can be spaced farther apart. Push-on F connectors provide poorer shielding against microwave signals of high field strength

ADVANTAGE OF COAXIAL DESIGN – electric and magnetic fields are restricted to the dielectric with little leakage outside the shield and largely kept from interfering with signals inside the cable. Larger diameter of our cables with multiple shields have less leakage what makes cable a good choice for carrying weak signals that cannot tolerate interference from the environment or for stronger electrical signals that must not be allowed to radiate or couple into adjacent structures or circuits


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