Thomson 4in1-Universal-Smart-TV-Fernbedienung für Sony, STB, Audio, PC Sony Remote control Black




Thomson  4-in-1 Universal Smart TV remote control for Sony, STB, Audio, PC


This Control Center combines a universal remote control for control via infrared commands (code-based or 1:1-capable of learning) to TVs, set-top boxes and audio devices with a multimedia keyboard for control via 2.4-GHZ technology for Smart TV or PC. Replaces all existing remote controls at home, the home entertainment at all levels easier to use (TV, receiver, HI – as well as mouse, multimedia and Internet Control) · Available for use, as code for the most current Sony TVs is the default (further codes for less common Sony models can be set) · With Sony-specific special keys for the TV area · LED-display for status display of the 4 control levels: TV/DVD/STB/AMP · Other devices such as audio (amplifier/Sound/DVD) or STB (DVB-T/DVB-C / DVB-S/Streamingbox/Pay-TV) or PC/tablets can be controlled · Colored markings of the keys for the control via infrared · Lumineszierende buttons for easy use in the dark. · Programmable learning function with 1:1 copy for missing or additional functions · Code memory: codes remain unchanged after battery change · High-precision multi-touch pad/Klickpad (can be switched off) for mouse control enables a simple and intuitive navigation through menu via gesture control and Internet · Keys with color coding for controlling the video text or special functions in STBs (e.g. SKY) and IP-TV (e. g. League-total in Entertain of T-Home) · Practical media keys for comfortable operation of music and browser, etc.. · With Mini-USB-dongle, the almost invisibly in the USB port of the TVs/PCs/Notebooks can be left · Manual on/off switch on the bottom for power saving

Use · Elaborate design for ergonomic handling · Light-weight and slim shape makes the transport in other rooms especially easy and handy


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