Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker


TILE Mate Bluetooth Tracker

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Nobody likes losing their stuff, especially when it’s something important like your keys, wallet or phone. With the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker, you’ll be able to easily locate your treasured possesions with Bluetooth tracking.

Whether you’ve lost your keys on your way out the door or can’t remember where you left your phone, simply press the Tile button to ring it loudly. It can make your phone ring even if it’s on silent mode, with the Tile’s speaker helping you to hear it. The 61 meter range lets you track down missing items within your home.

Can’t remember where you left it? See your items location on a map using the Tile app, so you know where to search first.

Thanks to its water resistant design, the Tile Mate can also stand up to the rigours and stresses of daily life, no matter where you go.