Nedis Bluetooth Smart Tag


• Easily find valuable belongings with the Bluetooth Smart Tag
• Works with Apple ‘Find My’ App
• Attach this compact smart tag to your wallet, keys, or bag to track their location
• Simple and easy to use: the Smart Tag connects easily to your iPhone or iPad
• Let the tag make a sound to easily find your belongings when within Bluetooth range
• Global tracking with the help of the entire Apple community to find items further away
• Supplied with a nylon cord and silicon sleeve to protect against water
• Designed to keep going for up to a year on one CR2032 (easy to replace) battery

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The Nedis Smart Tag is a small and compact smart tracker that you can easily attach to your keys, wallet or bag. The Smart Tag is a global tracking device that can find items further back with the help of the entire Apple community. The app works with the Apple Find My app and helps you find your keys, backpack or other belongings in seconds.

This intelligent device uses Bluetooth technology to easily connect to your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to find your belongings from up to 40 meters away. Once the Smart Tag is paired with your iOS device for the first time, you only have to tap once in Apple’s ‘Find My’ app to find a tagged item. Plus, a push notification is sent to your iPhone or iPad when the tag is out of range. The Nedis Smart Tag runs for up to a year on an easy-to-replace CR2032 battery – no more expensive trackers for people who are always on the go.