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SpotLight Pro Webcam With LED Lights

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Key Features
1.3 megapixel (1280 x 1024) sensor resolution
Perfect for use with Skype, Cortana, etc.: just plug in and start
Integrated dimmable LED lights for recording in low light conditions
Built-in microphone for clear sound quality
Smart stand, ideal for both laptop screens and flat surfaces In The Spotlight
With the Trust Spotlight Webcam Pro, you can keep in touch with your friends and relatives all over the world. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can now talk to each other as if you’re in the same room. Simply plug in the USB cable and without having to install any drivers, you can start sharing those special moments. Share Your World
The Spotlight Webcam Pro comes with a 1.3 megapixels (1280×1024) sensor resolution. It is made for online video chats using for example Skype, YouTube or other video platforms. The integrated dimmable LED lights make sure you have a clear image whether you’re using the camera during daylight or in the evening. Capture those special moments! Stand Strong
The stylish design of this webcam also features a smart stand. You can put the webcam on top of your laptop screen or simply place the webcam on a flat surface for stable and secure video imaging.