Blazer HD20 SE

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Blazer HD20 SE Satellite Receiver To View UK Channels

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Programmed with UK free to air channel list

Perfect box to connect to a dish for Astra 28.2e and get all the UK free to air stations


DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant (MPEG-II/ MPEG-IV/ H.264)
SCPC & MCPC receivable from Ku and C band satellites
Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband LNB
Compatible Code Rates: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6,7/8, 8/9 and 9/10
DiSEq C 1.0/1.2/1.3(USALS)
Blind search supported.
Multi satellite search,network search, manual search
Variable aspect ratio(4:3,16:9)with PAN&SCAN vector or letter box option
Output Resolution: 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p_50Hz,720p_60Hz,1080i_50Hz,
1080i_60Hz, 1080P_50Hz, 1080P_60Hz
16bits Color on screen display (OSD)
Storing memory: 100 satellite,2000 transponders and 4000 channels

Supports satellite adding, deleting, renaming
Supported transponder add ,delete,edit
8 favorite group and parental lock supported
Supports programme lock,delete,move,rename.
Supports multi-language menu (English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,Turkish,Polish,Arabic)
Suports list of programmes,have four sort function:FTA>CAS,satellite,transponder, alphabet.
Multi-language audio.
Multi-language DVB Subtitle output
3 days Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Teletext output through VBI and OSD.
Software(data,maincode) upgrade through USB
USB 2.0 Interface
S/PDIF Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3)
Supports setting timer, you can add up 20 event timers at most.
Timer Mode:Once/Daily/Week/Week1-5/Week6-7
Timer Service:1. Channel: change to pre-defined channel when timer triggered 2. Record: start recording pre-defined channel when timer triggered
Wakeup Channel:wake up pre-set channel when timer triggered
Wakeup Message:General/Birthday/Anniversary
Auto standby:No interaction in 3 hours -> alert message 2 minutes before enter standby -> auto enter standby if no action
Wakeup timer:Wakeup date and time
Duration:System enter standby after duration
Sleep timer:1. Enter standby when timer tirggered 2. Auto enter standby in 3 hour when nothing pressed on remote
USB:(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32 and NTFS)
Rename ,delete ,create files ,Format and set recording path
S/W download, download maincode
Supported music files,mp3 format.
Music player: Supported Pause, FF, FB, Jump
Media play: Supported avi, mkv, ts, tp, trp, mpg, mp4.
Supports video loop and FF/FB and Pause,Resume Jump,Zoom
Supports AVI subtitle file (.srt and .sub )
Supports JPEG,bmp format
USB disk speed auto detect
Record and playback stream files:Recording current channel.(FTA or scramble).
(Watching and recording)
Watching one channel (FTA/Scramble) and Recording another channel (FTA/Scramble)
in the same TP,During recording, can switch the channel in the same TP
Supports Timeshift (USB HDD / Stick required)
USB supported FAT & FAT32,NTFS

Technical Specifications:
DVB-S2 FRONT END Standards Requirement
Input Frequency: 950~2150MHz
Input Level: -65~ -25dBm
Input Impedance: 75Ω S
LNB Polarisation:13V/18V/OFF, Imax = 300mA
LNB Switching: 22KHz DiSEq C 1.0/1.2/2.0
Demodulation: QPSK ,8PSK,16APSK,32APSK
Reed-Solomon: 204, 188, t = 8
Roll Off Factor:0.35,0.25
FEC :1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, Automatic
Symbol Rate: 2.0~45 MS/s
DVB Standard: DVB-S2 (ETSI EN 302 307)
DEMULTIPLEXER Standards Requirement
Standard: ISO/IEC 13818-1 S s
Input Max. Bit Stream Rate: 120Mbps(Serial)/15Mbps(Parallel)
VIDEO Standards Requirement
Standard: ISO/IEC 13818-2
MPEG1,MPEG-2 MP@ML,H.264, VC1, VP8,DV, DivX, and MPEG4
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 wide screen, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan scan,support AFD(DTG, MingDTG)
Video Full Resolution:1920 × 1080p and 1920 × 1080i and 1280 × 720p for HD video,720 × 480p, 720 × 480i, 720 × 576i, and 720 × 576p for SD video,
dual MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decode for SD resolution,MPEG4 AVC / H.264 and VC1 decode for dual SD and single HD up to 720p and 1080i
and 1080p
Video Format: PAL, NTSC
Video RAM: 128 Mbyte
Host Supplied Audio/Video: I & P frame support
Format conversion: Pan & Scan, Letterbox
Video planes: 2 panes (1 graphic planes, 1 display planes)
AUDIO Standard Requirement
Standard: ISO/IEC 13818-3
Decoding: MPEG-2 layer I and II (Musiccam),MPEG4 AAC and MPEG4 AAC-HE (AAC+)
Dolby Digital (AC-3) with bit rates up to 640 Kbits/s,LPCM up to 48 KHz,MP3.
Sampling Frequency :32, 44.1, 48KHz
Audio Output Impedance: Low
Output Mode: Mono/Stereo/Left/Right
A/V OUTPUT Standards Requirement
Video De-emphasis: CCIR REC.405-1, 625 Lines
Video Bandwidth: 5.5MHz
Video Output Impedance: 75Ω
Video Output Level: 1.0Vp-p
Audio Output Frequency: 20Hz~ 20KHz
PROCESSOR Standards Requirement
Chipset: M3510C
Flash Memory: 4MByte
DDRII Memory: 64MB
Tuner: AV2018 On Board
FRONT PANEL Standards Requirement
IR Receiver: 38KHz S
Display 4 Digit, 7 segment (Clock in standby mode) LED
Other Supplier specific features
REAR PANEL Standards Requirement
DVB – LNB input F-type
HDMI output
OTHER Standards Requirement
Power Supply :Smps,Input AC 100 ~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:Max 30W
Ambient Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
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Satellite Receiver HD (Blazer HD20)
RCU Category: IR (Carrier 38KHz)
RCU batteries
Manual (English)