Saorview Digital TV with no bills.

We provide a full aerial installation service capable of receiving digital terrestrial signal in most areas. A digital compatible television aerial, combined with a digital television or a digital terrestrial receiver will ensure your home is ready for the digital TV. New Tech also provides you with great digital television channels, radio and HD channels.

New Tech Ireland aerial installations can offer

  • Leading edge products Leading edge products – the most exciting products available
  • Peace of mind – Experience Service for design, installation and maintenance
  • Value for money – Exceptional pricing for products, installation and maintenance
  • Quality and reliability – Installations and servicing by our own fully trained engineers

The difference between an Analogue and Digital Aerial

A Digital Aerial (or digital compatible Aerial) is what is known technically as a wideband aerial. It’s so-called because this aerial will pick up all available signals. Whereas an Analogue TV aerial is grouped to match the signal from just one transmitter and will only pick up a narrow band of signal.  Simple when you know! This means that you can receive many more channels (including radio) than are available presently by having a Digital (compatible) Aerial installed in your home.

Aerials come in many different shapes and sizes. Knowing what type of aerial is best for your installation is what matters most to you.

Choosing where to put your TV Aerial

Whenever possible, it is important to carry out the installation at the highest point on your property.

New Tech Ireland Engineers Assess the structure of your property to determine where the TV Aerial should be fixed.

  • Decide whether it can be affixed to the attic, chimney or wall.
  • Use the correct mast and mounting brackets depending on the type of TV Aerial to be fitted.
  • Fit the cable to ensure it won’t come adrift, flap about and deteriorate.

Upgrade your TV package

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We can install and set up your TV for a complete digital experience.