Galvanised Satellite Dish Bracket (80cm Dishes)

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Galvanised Steel Satellite Dish Wall Bracket

Suits: 80cm Satellite Dish
Standoff From Wall: 40cm
Standoff (Vertical): 23cm
Tube: 33mm
Base: 16cm x 16cm
Base Holes: 10mm x 15mm Long
Hole: Base Centres @ 12cm Centre to Centre
Steel: 2.7mm Thick



USES of Satellite Dish Wall Bracket

Normally used on a gable wall or chimney to mount 80cm satellite dish, Aerial or
A broadband antenna

Ideal for use in seaside locations where salt related erosion is a problem

ADVANTAGES of Satellite Dish Wall Bracket

Stronger than a standard Sky style satellite dish wall bracket
Smooth galvanised finish makes it weather resistant and attractive
Compact bracket ideal for mounting a UHF aerial or satellite dish
Comes at an extremely competitive price point


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