HDMI To Scart Converter

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HDMI To Scart Converter For Connecting HDMI Devices to old TVs With Only Scart Connection


This mini HDMI to SCART converter converts HDMI digital audio and video signals into composite video signals as well as left and right stereo audio signals. At the same time, it supports DVI system signals, helping users to convert high-quality HDMI signals into ordinary CBS signals (standard rate 480i, 576i) that can be played on CRT TVs, VHS recorders, DVD recorders, etc., and supports NTSC and PAL TVs. Mechanism output

PAL/NTSC: Switch CVBS output format
HDMI: Connect your device such as a DVD, game console, etc. to the HDMI input
Power: power indicator; when the DC5V power is turned on, the indicator lights up
DC/5V: power interface; plug the DC5V power cable into the host
SCART output: Connect the SCART output connector to your display device, such as a TV

Connection step:
1. Connect the DVD/BD HDMI HD output to the HDMI input of the splitter via the HDMI cable.
2. Connect the SCART output of the converter to the SCART input of the TV/display via the SCART line.
3. When the PAL mode needs to be displayed, turn the switch to the left. When the NTSC mode is to be displayed, turn the switch to the right.
4. Finally, connect the DC head of the power adapter to the DC input of the converter, and then plug the adapter into the power socket.


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