One For All TV Audio Transmitter

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TV Audio Transmitter

TV sound to Bluetooth headphones
No tangled wires
High sound quality
Simple setup

Best way to send the TV sound to your Bluetooth Headphones

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Discover our TV Audio Transmitter

Sit together while doing different activities

Enjoy your favourite TV programmes without bothering other people in the same room – you can connect up to 2 pairs of headphones at the same time.

Send TV sound to your Bluetooth Headphones

Connect the TV Audio Transmitter to your TV to send the sound to another Bluetooth device. Simply plug in the USB Power and the 3.5mm stereo or RCA cable to your TV.

Avoid cable clutter

The TV Audio Transmitter comes with a handy solution for cable clutter; thanks to its distinctive design no other output ports of your TV will be blocked while connected.

High sound quality

For a full sound experience, the TV Audio Transmitter comes with a high-end Wolfson ADC providing up to 24 bit 192 KHz. With a leading Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) of 95 dB you won’t miss a thing!

Specifications & details

Product code
SV 1770


Range clear line of sight
10 mts

Power supply

Concurrent connection

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth codec
SBC -aptX – aptXLL

Bluetooth profile

Analog-Digital Converter (ADC)

Signal-Noise Ratio (SNR)
>95 dB

USB powered (5V)


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